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  • Dear Mr. Jakalian,
    a former Boehringer-Ingelheim-colleague of you told me your website, when he and me talked about exposure blending using masks. So I recognized your excellent script for PS.
    I use PSE with the addon Elements+. Therefore I think, your script will do his job there too. May I ask you to send the tools you are using in Exposure Blending with Luminosity Masks?
    Thanks for your good video, which enables everybody to write a similar script and as well for offering your own script.
    Best regards from Germany
    Ralf Avak

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf Avak

  • Dear Ralf Avak,
    The easiest way to obtain my Ps Action script is to go here and simply enter your name and email. The script will be emailed to you automatically.
    Say hi to HK for me.
    Best regards from Canada,

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